salzburg festival don giovanni

“arresting stage presence” + “eloquent agility” + more

More reviews have come in for the Salzburg Festival's Don Giovanni. Here are some quotes that highlight Layla's Donna Elvira: "Canadian soprano Layla Claire as Donna Elvira displayed an arresting stage presence coupled with a solid vocal technique. There was real fury in the B flats in “Ah, chi mi dice mai” and smoothly executed roulades in “Mi tradì”. The proceeding accompanied recitative was particularly moving."

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Layla Claire’s Donna Elvira = “dramatically and impressively sung”

Canadian Soprano Layla Claire is making her Salzburg Festival debut in the role of Donna Elvira (Mozart's Don Giovanni). The production opened August 4 and the reviews have started coming in. Here are snippets that highlight Layla: "Layla Claire offers a powerful Salzburg Festival debut performance as Donna Elvira", translated from German, original text here. "Donna Elvira...powerful and sentient, dramatically and impressively sung by Layla Claire", translated from German, original text here.

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