Profile by Lululemon: Finding her Voice

"...when I'm on the mat, I'm able to really let go of that. I always make sure my body is warm before I start to sing because if my body is warm then singing is going to be easier - that's the first thing that I do, I do a little bit of yoga before I even make a sound" -Layla

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Soprano Layla Claire: Portrait of a Canadian opera star in the making

Originally published in the Globe & Mail, by Robert Everett-Green. Original online version available here. It’s early Saturday afternoon at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, and soprano Layla Claire is quietly clapping for her friends and heroes on the screen, wondering aloud why no one else is doing the same....

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“Cutting through the stereotypes”

by Layla Claire “Where do you live?” The stylist asks me with a smile, as she pumps the pedal on the salon chair. “Uhhh,” I stumble, “well, I have boxes in Vancouver where my family...

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